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Brighton SEO 2017: Top 3 Lessons Learnt

  Last week the team were lucky enough to attend one of the world's  most renowned digital marketing events in sunny Brighton. April 2017 saw the second time for Edge to attend, and there was definitely no disappointment this time round. Aside from some of the great fun we had walking around
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Slack To Teams and Back Again

Recently, Edge Digital undertook a process they are not too fond of: change. We said goodbye to our much loved internal messaging system Slack and ventured to try something new- ‘Microsoft Teams’. This wild adventure for Edge did not last long. One month and six days, to be approximate.

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Why is My Website Down?

When your website goes down it’s hard not to panic. It's hard not to wonder how a website going down will impact your business. But the truth is, no website is invulnerable to outages – even giants like Amazon, which briefly went down in 2013, losing over $66,000 per minute as a
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