Marketing at Christmas. It’s an opportunity all brands jump on. Digital Marketing in the festive season is, however, a lot more than just boosting promotions that relate to your products being Christmas presents. Edge Digital have top 5 tactics that provide the most genuine and successful approach to engaging with an audience at Christmas.

Target Locally With Facebook Adslocal ads

We are all on the look out for inspiration and gift ideas in the run up to Christmas, and as 23% of consumers admit that social media introduced them to a new brand, it only makes sense to use it as the perfect place to get in front of your customers. Everybody is always busy. Nobody is going to travel far to look for gifts when they can see by scrolling through Facebook, that there is somewhere nearby where they can get exactly what they’re looking for. You can also add local context to your promotions, such as maps, directions and call to action options, which can be incredibly effective.

Start a Video Campaignchristmas advert

Christmas videos and television adverts have become a staple must have for the big brands out there . We all wait patiently all year round for our much-loved brands to release their Christmas advert. Although your budget may be considerably smaller than the big companies, everyone can jump on the bandwagon of creating Christmas related videos. There’s a reason they are so popular! You can show creativity, humour and sentiment in a short two-minute video clip. Showing what your brand cares about, whilst doing it through the booming marketing technique of video production, is the perfect combination.

25 Days of Sociachristmas social medial Media

Social media as we know is vital all year round, but the run-up to the big day offers a unique opportunity to engage your audience daily, in advent calendar style. From daily promotions and giveaways to promising a new post or snippet of information, if you’re creative and organised, you can be sure to keep your followers on their toes as well as attracting a new audience. After all, social media seems to explode before Christmas as we can’t help but express excitement, so this is likely to be the ideal time to gain as much traffic and engagement as possible.


Make it Pechristmas giftsrsonal

Known as the time of the year for love to be shared, join in by showcasing your brand’s sentimental side. If you’re e-commerce, there is a perfect opportunity to re-vamp your products through personalising items. Bespoke, personalised gifts that make sentimental presents for loved ones are proving an evergreen staple for many people’s Christmas list. On the more charitable side of things, collaborating with a cause your brand truly cares about and showcasing the work you’re doing with them, will show your audience there are people and minds behind the brand! Sending out gifts and Christmas cards to clients that have shown you support, will also always be a popular and worthwhile gesture.

Be A Resource, Not Just a Shoprecourse

People get tired very quickly of the showcasing of adverts and products they get bombarded with during the run-up to Christmas. It can quickly start to become an annoyance. Rather than directly promoting products, why not aim to be a resource to your audience? Be their local gift guide, gift hunting adviser and recipe giver. Nobody likes cold, promotional content especially around Christmas when they are getting this sort of marketing constantly from a huge range of companies. Being creative and treating your audience like a friend is likely to gain a lot more trust and interest than a stereotypical festive promotion.