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About our Google Plus Design Cheat Sheet

It may have had a slow start but Google+ is slowly but surely cementing itself as the social network platform of the future. So.. we give you a cheat sheet for the new Google+ layout sizing!

Google have provided an alternative approach to the social networking framework seen on sites such as Facebook, sure Zuckerberg had a huge head-start but Google+ is the love child of the two biggest search engines, Google and Youtube giving G Plus a huge advantage.

We find a diverse opportunity of potential that is not seen on the networks rival pages. Google thrives from customer satisfaction which has made it the leading web engine and which will make Google+ grow in the months and years to come. The stage is set and Google is building the blocks to cement the plus network at the forefront of social media for the future.

Google+ currently has over 150 million active users and this number is constantly rising. Already interests & needs of individuals and companies are more focused and more easily targeted than Facebook.

Whats more sharing stays within the circles you want it so no more posting and your boss seeing it, a more efficient, organised network.

Google+ is social networking that recognizes the internet as a reflection of the real world.

Key Features to be aware of:

  •  Circles allow you to catagorize and recognize everyone that you are connected to. Target your audiences more efficiently.
  • Hangouts allow video conferences of up to 9 friends or colleagues. Friends who are currently connected can connect through friends broadening your network.
  • Sparks or saved searches means conversations and updates related to your brand or interest can be tracked and remain relevant.
  • Ripples track the effect of your content as it is shared across Google+ & it is thought that the sophisticated analytics system will come in to play down the line.
  • Direct Connect means Google+ links to its huge search engine world and Google’s search algorithm. Entering a plus sign before a brands name will mean you are taken directly to that brands page with the search engine platform. Something that is likely to grow and become very powerful for brands and businesses in the future.