Valentine’s day is a popular seasonal event, on which the majority of well-known brands usually participate with their marketing. From product discounts and new ranges to exclusive packages and releases – there are many conventional marketing ideas for this time of year.

This year however, many brands are stepping up from simply promoting their products, and are choosing to promote inspirational ideas and messages they stand for instead, incorporating these into their Valentine’s Day campaigns.

Edge Digital are bringing you the top four most heartwarming marketing campaigns seen this year so far for the iconic day, which will be sure to put a smile on your face.


lush marketing

1. Supporting All Love

Lush Cosmetics is known for its vegan ethical stance which is against animal testing- but this year they used their Valentine’s Day marketing campaign to showcase another topic they are passionate about.

Featuring same-sex couples in their adverts for the special day’s product range, social media exploded with delight and love for the brand’s message.  Using the hashtag ‘love is love’ Lush posted the images on Instagram, with some of the best social media response and success witnessed so far for the company. Not being afraid to stand up for their beliefs whilst releasing gorgeous new products – what’s not to love?


fair trade campaigns

2. Loving Your World

For Valentines Day the Fairtrade Campaign Organisation suggests we show love to those far away as well as close to us. Empowering and appreciating the Fairtrade artisan farmers who are striving to protect our environment and producing high-quality goods in a fair and humane workplace, the organisation offers a downloadable Valentines Day card to send out to farmers.

With images from three amazing Fairtrade businesses, the campaign also encourages users to post one of their choice, with the hashtag ‘FTCampaigns’ to spread the awareness of the goodness and love that goes into making each product from the range.


fashion to figure

3. Love Yourself

Fashion to Figure is a making a statement this year; you don’t need someone else to love you this Valentines Day. Promoting evening wear for the special day, the brand’s new range is modelled by some of the latest up-and-coming plus size models in the industry.

The stylish photoshoots prove you don’t have to be a certain size to rock sexy Valentine’s Day wear this year, or have a significant other to wear it for. We love how invested in promoting self-confidence Fashion To Figure are, using a date where the world is searching for love to tell people we can love ourselves, and look amazing doing it.


the hunger project

4. Love Food, Love Feeding

As a concept expanding to many global top restaurants, The End World Hunger Project has reserved tables on the night of February 14th which they’ll be auctioning off to the highest bidder on Ebay. Apart from allowing couples a spot at their favourite restaurant for Valentines Day, The Hunger Project’s mission is to end world hunger by 2030.

All proceeds will go to programs empowering the poorest and most marginalised people in Africa, India and Bangladesh. Whilst many of us will be enjoying a romantic meal out with a partner on Valentines Day, in a society that loves eating – this campaign is helping others eat too.



Whatever the type of love you’re celebrating, whether it’s for a partner or something a little more metaphorical, these brands have used Valentines Day creatively, to address their thoughts on current world issues or ideas. Spreading opinion and values is a lot more powerful than simply promoting gifts and products, and these brands have shown that this is possible for any major seasonal event.