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Why choose an Edge Digital Website?

Build a digital asset that delivers a flow of new business, day-in-day-out

Are you ready to take your business's digital presence to the next level and leave the competition behind?

We're here to help. Instead of just building websites, we create sophisticated digital assets designed to attract more customers, increase your revenue, and accelerate your growth.

In today’s digital marketplace, having a website isn’t enough. You need a platform that’s crafted with strategy and precision, one that works as hard as you do. We blend the latest technology with innovative strategies to make sure you stand out—not just show up.
Your website will transform into a high-performance powerhouse, optimized to deliver consistent and reliable results every day. We’re committed to excellence and focused on tangible outcomes, giving you the advantage you need to drive growth, engage your audience more effectively, and capture their attention.

Choose to work with us, and let’s make your website the hardest working part of your business, propelling you towards success like never before.

We’re excited to build a robust digital foundation with you, one that’s crafted to last and deliver results. Let’s start this journey together!
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Here's what a typical project looks like

1. Discovery

First week
We first seek to truly understand the project objectives, and how that fit's into strategy, and who your target customer is.

2. Design

Week 2
Armed with detailed, relevant information, we create high-fidelity designs specifically to achieve the goals required.

3. Build

Weeks 3-4
We use best-in-class technologies to ensure a speedy, clean and responsive build, typically within a 2 week timeframe.

4. Launch

Weeks 5 - 6
Following a rigirous quality and sign-off process, we will work with your team to ensure a smooth launch within your timeframes.

"They just got it. We needed to move fast, and after launching the site, we saw an uplift of 140% on our conversion rate. The project paid for itself in the first week!"

Brinley Filer
Managing Director

"Our new website is fast, high-quality and gives us the platform that we need to scale to the next-level. I would not hesitate to recommend your agency. "

Will Fisher

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you Based?

    We are a web design company based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Our dedicated team works directly with our clients to create real business growth, ensure commercial and business goals are considered at every stage of the process.

    All our clients end up with a new website that represents them in the best possible way and is functional to the business goals and target audience.

  • Do you just work with Hertfordshire Businesses?

    Definitely not! Whilst we offer web design to Hertfordshire business, we work with companies and start ups all over the globe. As an independent, leading web design agency, we focus on building websites that leverage strong web design, are built with search engine optimisation “out of the box” and offer customers a superior experience.

  • How long does the web design & development process take?

    A typical website build with us is 4-6 weeks, however this will vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. We work closely with all our clients to establish a clear project plan and realistic timelines.

  • Will my website be mobile-friendly (Responsive Web Design)?

    All our sites are designed and built to convert first and foremost. Mobile now makes up for the majority of B2C and B2B website traffic. With this in mind we start with a mobile-first approach, and ensure your website will scale perfectly across different devices, browsers and screen sizes.

  • Can I make updates and changes to my site in the future?

    Yes, absolutely. We provide a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that will allow you to update your website’s content, text, videos, images and data in the future.

    We also provide training and on-going support for our customers so you can be confident that you have control over your digital presence.

  • What content management system do you build?

    We have a custom development stack that we deploy for new websites. The CMS behind our stack is WordPress. It’s open-source, fast, secure, flexible and powers the top 40% of the internet.

    Backed by our Hosting and Maintenance packages, we protect our client’s data and brands using leading security technologies and industry best-practice. We think the technology is ideal for most business use-cases, for those it’s not, we are able to provide custom solutions.

  • What about SEO? Will my website be optimised for search engines?

    Of course! When we’re crafting your website, we blend in essential SEO techniques right from the get-go. This means fine-tuning details like meta tags, headings, and the way URLs are structured to make sure your site stands out in search results. And if you’re keen on diving deeper into the world of SEO, our specialized team is here to amp up your site’s rankings and bring in even more natural traffic

  • What about security & maintenance?

    Keeping your website safe is at the top of our list. We put strong security barriers in place to fend off nasty things like malware and hackers. Plus, with our website upkeep services, you can rest easy knowing your site stays secure, fresh, and running smoothly. From regular backups and the latest software patches to round-the-clock security checks and tech support, we’ve got your back. Your website’s well-being is our mission!

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