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Ensure your customers have the shopping experience they deserve.

Why choose an Edge Digital eCommerce Website?

Selling 24/7, globally has never been easier. Make sure your store stands above the crowd.

We offer complete eCommerce design and build services that are tailored to your business needs and budget. Our expertise ensures your store will look sleek, be easy to navigate, and provide a secure checkout experience. Leverage Edge Digital's comprehensive suite of services to ensure you stand out and maximize your sales potential.
Flexible, extendable and secure, we only build on the leading platforms: Shopify & WooCommerce, your business can leverage best-in-class technology to delight your customers, and provide a seamless shopping experience.

We can also assist with:

- Magento to Shopify Migrations
- BigCommerce to Shopify Migrations
- Custom to Shopify Migrations
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We only use the best tools for the job

Here's what a typical project looks like

1. Discovery

First week
We first seek to truly understand the project objectives, and how that fit's into strategy, and who your target customer is.

2. Design

Week 2
Armed with detailed, relevant information, we create high-fidelity designs specifically to achieve the goals required.

3. Build

Weeks 3-4
We use best-in-class technologies to ensure a speedy, clean and responsive build, typically within a 2 week timeframe.

4. Launch

Weeks 5 - 6
Following a rigirous quality and sign-off process, we will work with your team to ensure a smooth launch within your timeframes.

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