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Data / Analytics & Measurement / Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking & Data To Guide Your Next Move

Relevant, accurate data is the lifeblood of any digital campaign. Ensure yours is spot-on.

We offer setup, managed conversion tracking and consulting to ensure your entire customer journey is tracked, and can be attributed back to your marketing efforts in a meaningful way. 

From Call Tracking to Conversion Tracking and every pixel in-between.
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"After instructing Edge, we were consistently bringing in high-quality prospects, and spending less for the priviledge! Our secret weapon."

Duncan Crossey
Franchisee, Chelsea & Fulham

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"Our ROAS increased by 64% and we saw our costs to acquire new leads drop by almost a third in the first month of engaging Edge. Very very pleased. "

Samuel Jacks

"I've personally worked with the team at Edge Digital for close to 8 years now. They are exceptional at what they do, and critical to brining in consistent new business for me. "

Lee Simmons

Here's what a typical campaign looks like

1. Research

We conduct extensive research to understand both your current position and that of your competitors. Combined with our industry knowledge, we ensure you’re getting the best results for success in this competitive market.

2. Strategy

We create a unique strategy for your business that caters to your target audience and key goals, all driven by the underlying data from our research. We ensure we’re always pushing the limits while staying grounded.

3. Analyse

We conduct daily reviews and compile weekly reports.

We care about the details and data, but also the big picture—one day won't make or break a campaign.

4. Optimise

Data analysis is leverage to make informed decisions and ensure your campaign performs optimally, whilst deploying best industry practices.
We deliver reliable results that are tailored to your needs.

We only use the best tools for the job

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