£250k Sales pipeline created with a budget of just £1k

In just 30 days from a cold start!


Revenue Generated


New Customer Enquiries


Qualified Leads


Return on Ad Spend

A bespoke joinery firm, Eleven Oaks, based in Woking Surrey, choose Edge Digital to launch and run their first Digital Marketing Campaign.

This case study showcases our approach, and the results achieved by focusing on Google Ads and PPC to find qualified leads for this exclusive cabinet makers company that services London and Surrey.

The campaign consisted of a 30 day experimentation phase to prove out a profitable campaign. Overall, we built a sales pipeline worth £250,000 within 30 days on a budget of just £1,000 from a cold start.


Eleven Oaks wanted to generate new enquiries across their services, and attract new clients through targeted online advertising. We focused on Paid Search to find high-intent customers that had immediate requirements to capture existing demand.


We devised a comprehensive strategy tailored to Eleven Oaks’ goals. They conducted thorough market research to identify the target audience, competitor analysis, and relevant keywords. The following tactics were implemented during the campaign:

  1. PPC Campaign Build: We built a new Google Ads account and immediately started to test angles, copy and creatives to find which ones looked viable and promising. We needed to prove the campaign out within 30 days from a cold start, so we had to move fast!
  2. Ad Copy Development: Engaging and compelling ad copies were created to resonate with the target audience. The ad copies highlighted Eleven Oaks unique services, offers, and benefits to encourage clicks and conversions.
  3. Ad Extensions: We utilized various ad extensions, such as site links, call extensions, and location extensions, to provide additional information to potential customers, enhance ad visibility, and drive higher click-through rates.
  4. Landing Page Optimization: We optimized the landing pages on Eleven Oaks website to ensure a seamless user experience. The landing pages were designed to align with the ad messaging, provide relevant information, and encourage visitors to book appointments.
  5. Conversion Tracking and Analytics: We implemented conversion tracking and utilized analytics tools to monitor the campaign’s performance closely. This allowed for real-time data analysis, identifying areas for optimization and maximizing ROI.


The PPC campaign for Eleven Oaks delivered exceptional results, surpassing the initial objectives & expectations by the Cabinet Makers. Here are the key achievements:

  1. £250k Sales Pipeline built in the first 30 days with a modest budget of only £1k spent on Google Ads, Eleven Oaks expect to close at least 20% of the pipeline within 6 weeks, representing a great return on investment of nearly 50:1 in the first 30 days.
  2. Over £1m pipeline after 90 Days – as we expand and scale, we’ve continued to have good success with Eleven Oaks and so far have over £1m in quotations generated that can be directly attributed to our campaign. A huge win!
  3. 30 New Client Leads every single week: This influx of new clients significantly expanded Eleven Oak’s customer base and increased brand exposure.
  4. Eleven Oaks are now looking to expand operations and scale their business as a result of the campaign

“It’s completely transformed our business”

Brinley Filer, Managing Director.


Eleven Oaks partnership with Edge Digital proved extremely successful to date. The strategic implementation of Google Ads, combined with targeted keyword optimization, engaging ad copies, and seamless landing page experiences, contributed to the campaign’s success. Edge Digital’s expertise and meticulous tracking of campaign performance enabled Eleven Oaks to achieve an impressive ROI, increase brand visibility, and drive significant business growth. By leveraging the power of PPC advertising, Eleven Oaks positioned itself as a leader in the beauty industry and gained a competitive edge in the market.

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