Introducing a Skin Care Distributor to the UK

A Multi-Functional Website.

Aspire had an old and confusing website that needed a complete re-build.  They needed a website that was navigational for two audiences, the product specialists and the product users. This meant it needed to be professional, whilst remaining innovative and engaging enough to express the uniqueness of this new brand in the UK.

Our solution included created a client portal for pHformula specialists, where materials and event information can be shared. Among this, the introduction of a gallery to showcase the treatment results, extensive treatment information, and an interactive map to allow users to locate their nearest clinic were made.

Launch Website

WordPress build with custom Distributor Portal

“The site has high contrast design elements – from colour choices to the size of elements.” 2017

“Their creativity in our web design was exceptional and has proven to be very successful for our company”

Pam Cushing, Managing Director

Our Solutions.

The brand still needed introducing into the UK market. For us, amongst email campaigns and blog writing, we knew social media would be the main focus to build brand identity.

Using advanced software to build up a real audience that is interested in Aspire’s services, we devised social channels that are thriving with engagement and interest. They even got noticed by giant Vogue, resulting in a feature for the brand in the magazine.

The Results

Growing a combined 2200 followers across social channels, Aspire have a loyal following, increased engagement and increased traffic on their website.

With profiles that have got noticed and featured by magazines such as Vogue, social media has become the go-to way for the brand to build sales and identity.

“We have been involved with Edge Digital for 2 years and cannot recommend them highly enough. The support has been inspiring and professional, a great team.”

– Pam Cushing, Managing Director

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