The Guide to Clean, Minimal & Sleek Branding

We take a look back at some of our favourite brands and why we think their approach is so successful.

Le Brass

The Stationary

The feminine and minimalistic concept of start-up stationary brand Le Brass exhibits elements of contemporary minimalism design, reflected in their products and their logo. Beautiful stationary, beautiful branding, it’s heaven to our eyes. The aesthetic of this brand is largely so pleasing thanks to their smart choice in colouring, perfect letter spacing and simplicity in design. There’s something tranquil about their branding due to the rose gold text choice and the incomplete circle in the logo. Matching the colour blocked minimalist theme of their stationary, their logo matches the sophistication of their products well.

Lesson: Reflect your products. If you know what the products look like, then you can use this to create a matching and perfectly fitting branding strategy and logo.

 Mello Melon Juice

The Mouthwatering Juice

Just in time for the summer, start-up  Mello Melon juice has exploded in popularity. Alongside their ethics of fructose free and clean drinking from watermelon juice, the company understands how to stand out, with its logo format incorporating lettering spaced on two lines and a watermelon inside it. Mello Melon prove you can summarise a brand and have great design, in little space.

Small and simple, we love this little design that looks just as good on bottles as it does on paper.

Lesson: Use of space. Especially important if your logo is going to be plastered on objects that aren’t flat, thinking about how you can utilise space with variants of lines can make a big difference to a staple logo.


The Products

It may not appear the most inspiring industry to brand for, but despite being a company that produces
cleaning and soap products, Method has changed how we view conventional home detox solutions forever. With their sleek packaging and vibrant design, the logo is now a global stamp of trustworthy, eco-friendly and fun looking cleaning tools.
Their products reflect their respect for the environment with organic and natural inspired imagery. The simple, clean typography and bold colouring make their logo a fun and fresh sight in the cleaning isle of the supermarket.

Lesson: Your branding can be whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what the products are, you have the power to choose how people view the company through design.

Caravan Kings Cross

Coffee at Caravan Kings Cross

Brands having their own stamp or badge is nothing new in the industry, but Caravan Kings Cross took the idea to a whole new level by introducing an almost shield format to their logo.

The simplicity of the lines crossing over with the C and K means they stay recognisable, with the slightly vintage colouring and texture promoting the industrial interior of the restaurant. Housed in a grade II listed Victorian Grain store, their aesthetic is no doubt inspired by the restaurant itself which very much exerts a vintage yet smart atmosphere.

Lesson: Be abstract. You don’t even have to use words or sentences. Creating art and memorable symbols work just as well, and in some cases, even better.

Aesop Skin Care

Aesop Products

The phrase ‘less is more’ has shown to be the case with Aesop Skincare. An Australian skin care brand focused on using the finest plant based ingredients, Aesop’s approach is to promote simple yet effective skincare, reflected in their minimalist choice of logo.

The Optima font choice underlines the clean and natural principle the company believe in, with the smaller text and detailed labels adding to Aesop’s aesthetic of simple typography and appreciation for the written word.

Lesson: Typography is hugely important. The font choice of a logo or brand can reflect the uniqueness and originality of a company, and should not be a quick decision.

Jugen Wellness

The Products & Designs

It’s another juice product, but we couldn’t miss Jugen Wellness Bar. Proving the line art trend is here to stay, Jugen corporate their symbol with their round wheel logo as well as having their flat, boxy and clean version which gives the products their lavish sophisticated yet timeless feel.

With a variety of cleansing juices as well as health food products, the leaves and organic line design to create their icon, couldn’t fit the brand better. Able to be both text and an image, logos with symbols add more depth to a brand.

Lesson: Simple design art can greatly add depth and meaning to a logo and brand. Having a variety of options for logos, allows flexibility of purely text or a visual with text, giving the brand more variation.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Mench Living

Bringing Scandinavian, minimalist home interior inspiration to the UK, Mench Living acts a fine example of a modern and clean brand. The geometric inspired logo produces the image of a house, and the clean text enhances the minimalism and simplicity that Scandinavian design revolves around. With geometry being a key theme in their products, Mench is a good example of a brand that allows what they sell to represent them in a logo.

Lesson: Use of structure and shape. Branching out from simple concepts of spelling your company name out, shapes and diagrams can add extra depth to a brand.

Logo curation and branding will be a hot topic for a long time, and with new inspiration and start-ups each day, it’s something that will always continue to evolve.

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