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Managed PPC & Paid Search Advertising Campaigns

PPC Advertising is renowned for being a highly profitable way of increasing traffic to your website. However, if not managed correctly, PPC can rapidly eat at your cash flow & profitability.

There are many businesses across the UK managing their own PPC campaigns but failing to achieve profitability from them. Just as there are many who havenever ventured down the path of PPC Advertising. With PPC advertising becoming more popular, the average cost per click is increasing, and Managed PPC Services are becoming more important every day. Companies who have successfully managed PPC campaigns internally for years, are finding it harder to stay profitable as the advertising spend with the likes of Google increase and the cost per acquisition inflates.

Edge Digital help online businesses maximise growth & efficiency for a monthly fee that is considerably less than the cost of a full time employee. We consider PPC management services a core component of our marketing consultancy service portfolio.

UK Digital adspend grew 16.4% in 2015 to over £8.6bn with the average home now owning 8.3 internet devices. – IAB

Looking to Increase overall visibility through Organic Search? You should consider Digital Marketing.


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Campaign Creation, Optimisation & Reporting

If you want to acquire new customers, increase the amount of sales your website generates, or simply need an agency to create & manage your Online Advertising Campaigns, we are here to help your organisation get the most of our Paid Search Advertising.


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Commercial impact

We build campaigns that align with our customer's business goals that are tracked by KPIs that make commercial sense.

Traffic = Sales?

Generating new visitors through targetted advertising is great, but it's essential your online advertising also converts into enquiries or sales.

Accurate Measurement

Reports on return on investment from your Online Advertising help you truly understand your campaign performance.

Search Advertising

Be in front of people looking for exactly what you are offering on Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Paid Social

Hyper-targeted advertising to specific groups of potential customer sthrough paid social ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & More.


Increase brand awareness & audience engagement with highly targeted ads to previous visitors to your Website as they browse elsewhere on the internet.